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Dear Friends,

Good news for the Peoria diocese!!

We are now allowed to celebrate Masses outdoors.  At long last! Thus, for those who wish--weather permitting, ie, no rain announced--we will celebrate Mass each day in front of the Contemplative Srs' chapel, beginning on Tuesday, May 19.

The Mass times are the following: Tue-Sat 11:45 am; Mon 7:30 am; Sun

11:15 am.

In addition, this Thurs, May 21, the Brs and Srs will celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension (with diocesan permission) at 11:45 am, whereas the following Sunday will be celebrated as the 7th Sunday of Easter rather than as the Ascension.

The requirements, for the moment, for outdoor Masses is that the faithful are supposed to stay in their cars during Mass, and at the time of H Communion the priest will bring Communion to the people in their cars.  The faithful may receive on the tongue or in the hand.  We ask that people park at the Srs facing the grassy area to the left of their chapel door.

Outdoor Masses may only last a couple of weeks--God willing--after which time we hope that we can resume public Masses inside our chapel.

If you have any questions please contact Fr Joseph Mary at

God bless. In Mary, fr Joseph Mary

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