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The Trinity and Spiritual Warfare - a testimony…

“When I hear the word Rejoice I think of excitement and tremendous joy. When I’m at Rejoice with the Brothers, I do laugh often and experience joy, but I also find an incredible peace.

This month we dove into the mystery of the Trinity and found ways of how we can grow closer to the Trinity. Did you know that we put ourselves in the presence of the Holy Trinity at the beginning of every mass and when we pray (with the sign of the cross)? Something we do often and yet a simple way we can enter into a great mystery.

As we entered into the mystery of the Trinity, we also began training for spiritual battle with St. Ignatius’ Discernment of Spirits. This is the beginning of an ongoing series we’ll have at Rejoice as the year goes on. We discussed evil versus good spirits and how they respond to us when we sin (move away from God) or when we move back towards God.

The talks are just the beginning of the experience, as with any (mini) retreat, we are steeped in prayer and have opportunities to draw close to the Lord through lectio divina, confession, and adoration. This time for prayer allows us to reflect on what we heard in the talks earlier in the day and reconnect with God.

The night wraps up with some fun during our cultural night where we indulge in various art forms and ultimately connect what we do back to what we discussed earlier. This time we experimented with coffee painting while reflecting on the passage we prayed with lectio.

If you’re in your 20s/30s come Rejoice with us next month, October 16th.” - Lindsey Wetle

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