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SJSC Week End

Young Adults Conference 2018

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SJSC Week End 2018 Schedule (Subject to changes):





3:00 pm (Arrivals between 3 and 4), settle in.

4:30 Adoration

5:30 Vespers

6:20 Dinner

7:15 Way of the Cross

9:00 Free time / Optional bonfire




6:15 am Silent prayer (optional)

7:00       Lauds

7:30       Breakfast


8:30       Lectio divina

9:15       Break

9:30       Conference Intro

9:50       Small groups discussions

10:10     Conference, going deeper

11:00     Break


11:30    Midday prayer

11:45    Mass


1:00 pm Lunch and cleanup

2:30      Break Out sessions and shared leisure explanation

2:35      Break Out session One

3:20      Swap time


3:30      Break Out session Two

4:15      Shared Leisure

              (Discussion group, Ultimate freesbee , Speedball, Rosary

              Pilgrimage, Adoration)

5:45      Clean up/break


6:15       Vespers

6:45       Dinner and entertainment

7:45       Conference

8:30       Explanation of procession and go to starting point

8:45       Eucharistic procession

9:30       Adoration outside



6:15 am Silent prayer (optional)

7:00       Lauds

7:30       Breakfast


8:30       Lectio divina

9:15       Break

9:30       Conference

10:45     Scapular enrollment

11:00    Midday prayer

11:15    Mass

1:00pm    Lunch

2:00pm    End

Note for those who have been to this event in previous years :

There will be several changes this year.  And this is why we call it a "Weekend".

The conference will be shortened by one day, the website from past years will not be used, the Way of the Cross will take place on the property rather than in the city, and the speakers will be primarily Brothers and Sisters of St John.  

All participants will be hosted inside. So we will put a cap at 50 participants max.

These changes are due simply to the limits of time and organisation available this year, and each change is witness to the generosity of past groups of volunteers, to whom we remain indebted.


Despite these changes, we look forward to having a beautiful weekend together and we invite you to invite others to share in this opportunity to rediscover the Presence of Jesus for each one of us !

See you soon !

           God bless you !

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