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Holy Week Schedule 2024

Updated: Mar 18

        Palm Sunday, March 24                


11:15 am                          Mass

Holy Thursday, March 28

3:00 pm                             Rosary

3:00-4:00 pm                    Confessions (chapel)

4:00 pm                             Retreat Conference 1 - Br. Thomas

9:00pm                              Mass of the Lord’s Supper Adoration through to midnight

Good Friday, March 29                     


9:30 am                       Way of the Cross

3:00 pm                      Office of the Passion

Holy Saturday, March 30


9:30-10:30 am                  Confessions (chapel)

10:30 am                           Retreat Conference 2 - Br. Anthony-Mary

9:00 pm                             Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday, March 31


11:00  am                        Sext and Easter Mass

The complete schedule can be download on the link below:

Holy Week 2024-for Public - 2
Download PDF • 67KB

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2 komentarze

What does CSRS stand for? Who is preaching the retreat? Thanks

Odpowiada osobie:

CSRS: Contemplatives Sisters of Saint John

Conference 1 = Br. Thomas

Conference 2 = Br. Anthony-Mary

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