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Spiritual Conferences, Princeville, Academic Year 2021-22

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

All spiritual conferences will be at 10:15am, except Sunday 2nd January and Sunday 24th April (which will both be at 9:45am).

(*): indicates that this particular spiritual conference will be live-streamed:

Wednesday 8th December: Immaculate Conception (*)– Br. Johannes-Pio

Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd December: Advent Retreat– Br. Thomas

Monday 27th December: St John (*)– Br. John Louis Mary

Sunday 2nd January (9:45am): Epiphany (*)– Br. Joseph-Mary

Wednesday 2nd February: The Presentation of the Lord (*)– Br. Johannes-Pio

Wednesday 2nd March: Season of Lent (*)– Br. Philip-Joseph

Saturday 19th March: St Joseph (*) – Sr. Anne

Friday 25th March: The Annunciation – Br. Thomas

[Holy Week Retreat] – Br. Johannes-Pio

Sunday 24th April (9:45am): Divine Mercy Sunday (*)– Br. John Louis Mary

Thursday 26th May: The Ascension (*)– Br. Philip-Joseph

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