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Update from Fr. Thomas

Dear Friends,

In the busyness of the New Year, I forgot to communicate to you some news of elections after the Brothers’ Provincial Chapter for the Province of the Americas. This provincial gathering took place at our priory in Mexico City, Jan 16-21, and it began by a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Aided by the then Provincial Administrator, Br. John Michael Paul, our reflections turned to retrace the historical stages of the growth of our Province, and recall the importance of taking care of the Regions, in their diversity, Mexico and the United States, as well as Brazil, to preserve unity.

Of particular significance for our Province was the election of Br. Jesus (Rodriguez) to be the first Prior Provincial of the Americas (having been previously prior in Orange, New Jersey). We also elected Br. Mario (Gonzalez), Master of Novices in Monterrey, Mexico, to be the Provincial Responsible for Formation.

Toward the end of this peaceful Chapter which dealt with difference aspects of life in our Province, and ourselves feeling collectively blessed with a sense of hope for the years ahead, we understandably turned to deeply thank Br. John Michael Paul, who for thirteen years carried the burden of government and worked in order that we be established in Provinces today.

As always, be assured of our prayers for you and your intentions, and wishing each of you a grace-filled season of Lent,

Fr. Thomas

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