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A Podcast to pray with us

Dear Friends,

in order to remain united with the Community during Holy Week, you can follow our offices and homilies on our Podcast.

Where to find it :

The podcasts will be made available at the following times :

7:45 am Lauds

1pm : Midday prayer, and homily of the Mass.

7pm : Vespers

8:30pm : Compline

Monday is our desert day, so no offices nor homilies will be podcast.

Here are a few tips if you would like to read the psalms while praying them :

We sing all psalms in a two week cycle.

Unfortunately, we cannot make our psalter available to download or to print. But you can follow the psalms with us from the Grail psalter (1963 version).

Used Grail Psalms books are available at a very reasonable price on Amazon (or other book stores.) We use the 1963 version "Grail Psalms", not the "Revised Grail Psalms which have some slight modifications).

Grail psalms can also be downloaded for a cost on Logos app.

Or you can choose to follow with the "revised Grail Psalms" if you do not mind some differences from what we sing.

May God bless you, protect you, and give you many graces during this very special Holy Week !

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