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Holy Week Schedule!

Everything you need to know for the events happening during Holy Week here in Princeville! Let us know if you have any questions after reading it. Hope to see you here.



Palm Sunday, 14th April

11:00 am Sext

11:15 Procession and Mass

5:30 pm Vespers

6:00 Community adoration

Monday, 15th April

(Desert Day)

7:30 am Mass

2:00-6:45 pm Adoration

Tuesday, 16th April

No Mass in Princeville

5:30 pm Vespers

6:00 Community adoration

7:00 Theologus talk (St Vincent’s

parish, Peoria)

Wednesday, 17th April

11:45 am Mass

5:30 pm Vespers

6:00 Community adoration

Retreat preached by Fr John-Luke begins

8:00 Retreat Conference

Holy Thursday, 18th April

11:00 am Retreat Conference

12:45 pm Sext

3:00 Rosary led by Br Josef


4:00 Retreat Conference

9:00 Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Night of Adoration until 6 am

Good Friday, 19th April

9:00 Way of the Cross with Confessions

3:00 Office of the Passion followed by Confessions at 4.30pm

6:00 Cty silent prayer

7:45 Retreat Conference

8:45 Tenebrae Office

Holy Saturday, 20th April

11:00 Retreat Conference

12:45pm Sext

3:00-4:00 Confessions (Chapel)

4:00 Retreat Conference

5:00 Vespers / Silent prayer

8:30 Easter Vigil Mass

Holy Chocolate

Easter Sunday, 21st April

6:45 am Mary Magdalene Procession

(Sisters Chapel)

7:30 Lauds (Brothers’ chapel)

11:00 Sext and Easter Mass

1:00 pm Festive lunch

5:30 Vespers

6:00 Community adoration

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